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Custom Wood Extras, Inc.

About Custom Wood Extras, Inc.

CWE is a small fine woodworking shop, focused primarily on top quality woodwork and innovative design.  Our knowledge of joinery, wood species, and sourcing partnered with more than a decade of experience and shop team comradery gives a great deal of information to tailor our process and meet unique requests.  Started in 2008 by a young woodworker, now family man, CWE aims to craft everything from small toy cars to large office buildings. We speak English, French, and Spanish.

Uri Seiser-Custom Wood Extras-Los Angeles, CaliforniaOwner/Designer Background

Mr. Seiser grew up in a heavily wooded area, so much that the house where he grew up was built with trees milled from his own family’s land. His mother, a graphic designer by profession designed the house solely herself, which then took six years to construct by the professional and well-respected master carpenter Harry Fox.

Mr. Seiser’s decision to take the path of a woodworker was inspired by many sources, including: his mother’s beautiful designs, the precision of his teacher William Ng, and the creativity and fine craftsmanship of many fellow professional woodworkers.